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The GZE Engineering activity employs the latest design techniques in an integrated way. The work starts from the idea and the development of the project in 3D settings, arriving to the use of the 3D digital model in every simulation area (so-called CAE methodologies: FINISHED ELEMENTS, CINETODINAMIC, CAD 3D).

In this way it is possible to qualify every aspect of the design from the first conceptual project step to the final finished product. GZE Engineering integrates knowledge in the mechanical, aerospace, electronic and robotics fields.

Provided services:

Mechanical engineering:

- factory automation

- structural calculation

- design of containers in pressure subject to directive 97/23/CE (PED).

Aerospace engineering:

- F.E.M. Analysis With Software Nastran (Noran Engineering) and Femap

- Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis With Software Nasgro (NASA)

Mechanical and Aerospace engineering:

- Dynamics analysis

- Thermal analysis

- Transient analysis

- Static analysis (linear, nonlinear and Buckling)

- Frequency Response analysis

- Fatigue analysis

- Shock analysis

Computer engineering:

- Managerial software developing

- informatics safety

- Web site developing

- LAN net improving

- companies intranet designing

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